Vote Jones for Congress in Special and General Election 2016!

It is time we do something about creating jobs and not regulating jobs in a Congressional District with more than 28% unemployment. The people of the 2nd District have lived with broken trust from political leader for more that 22 years. The impact of that violation of trust have impacted the future of our children and grandchildren.

We the people recognize what we are losing at equal opportunities in economic development. It is time to end deep poverty, and generation after generations of families living below the radar screen. There are toxic issues affecting black communities such as mental health, physical structures, job losses, drug abuse, drug crimes, violent crimes, school safety, playground safety, and single family homes.

Barriers to successful employment continues to impact black communities. With illegal immigrations and sanctuary cities, it becomes serious competition for a few low-end blue collar jobs. Philadelphia’s Mayor supports undocumented workers and illegal immigrants even if they break state or federal laws. They refuse to cooperate with filling local jobs with legal citizens from the District. Below are 14 reasons we need to deport illegal aliens:
1. Between $11 to $14 billion dollars on welfare to illegals each year
2. $2 billion each year is spent on food assistance (WIC, lunch, etc)
3. $2.5 billion each year spent on Medicaid
4. $12 billion each year on education (primary and secondary for English)
5. $17 billion each year on education for American born children of illegals
6. $3 million each day to incarcerate illegal aliens
7. 30% federal prisons inmates are illegal aliens
8. $90 billion each year on welfare and social services for illegal aliens
9. $200 billion each year in suppressed American wages
10. Illegal alien crime rates are 2 1/2 greater of that of whites and blacks
11. 4 – 10 million illegal aliens each year cross the southern borders
12. Mass deportation each year estimates $206 – 230 billion
13. Countries of origin remittance each year $45 billion
14. More than 1 million sex crimes committed by illegals

Our immigration laws have too long been ignored and criminals use the get out of jail free card!

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