Jones to Host Solutions Rally 9/15 @ 6:30

August 29, 2016
PHILADELPHIA, PA — PA-2nd Congressional District Candidate James Jones is hosting a “solutions rally” to address poverty and violence. Jones will discuss solutions never before heard to make communities better through Project 414 and creating more than 5000 new jobs immediately.
Our panel discussion offers scalable solutions to combat crime and violence on Thursday, September 15, 2016, 6:30 PM at Berean Baptist Church, 2425 W Indiana Ave # 33, Philadelphia, PA 19132.
In attendance will be US Senator Pat Toomey, PA Senator John Rafferty (Attorney General Candidate), John Brown (PA Auditor General Candidate), West Philly’s Gene Banks, NBA super star, Hope Sullivan, daughter of Rev. Leon Sullivan and Jones are strong supporters of Project 414. All other political and community leaders are invited to attend this event to discuss how implementing a poverty and violence strategy works through street by street and community by community to address senseless violence in Philadelphia.
With Jones and the panel taking questions and explaining details on how Project 414 will lead communities to work together and to bring about real solutions against crime and poverty. Jones will share and offer these new strategies to fight violent crimes, eliminate poverty, bring new economic developments, investments, and get respectful order and safety back into the communities where we live, work and enjoy certain qualities of live.
What impact Project 414 will have on communities when instituted with 5000 new jobs in the Philadelphia area and surrounding communities may resolve to prevent useless killings and violence. The approach is block by block, school by school, and community by community with street patrol security reporting suspicious activities. It really works! Similarly, these jobs being offered are like those street patrol jobs in University City, U Penn, and other communities where college students live. Now, Project 414 street patrol jobs will help stop the violence in concerned communities and schools. Project 414 can restore order and civility in our communities.
Why is Project 414 so important now? Over the last 65 years, many communities have not changed for the betterment with more than 300 murders each year. Elderly women are fearful of going from their homes to grocery shop or even to the ATM machines. Little children and teenagers are being killed for no apparent reason. The murder and violence rates are increasing each year. It is time for a working solution!
If you want to be a part of the change, we welcome you, your family and your neighbors.
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3 thoughts on “Jones to Host Solutions Rally 9/15 @ 6:30

  1. To James Jones: The Democrat’s hero Hillary Clinton said in an interview with Chris Wallace on 07/31/2016. That all of our Constitutional Rights are “open to and even subject to Reasonable Regulations”. Please look it up! As a Democrat, he probably agrees. As an American I have never heard a politician say that before and I am 68. Also she said, the Supreme Court was wrong and she would appoint a justice so she could change some of their decisions.. Also said, if Congress didn’t act she would use executive Action. She and her Democratic supporters are the most dangerous people in America right now. Shocking and UnAmerican for her to want to regulate our most prized rights!

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